Any retail place be it mall, hotel, restaurant, cinemas, banks are crowded and are prone to thefts, shop lifting, burglaries and sometimes threats due to terrorism.

In today’s world retention of staff has become a nightmare. Because of this, retailers are not able to provide the specialized services offered to known customers and VIPs anymore.

The good news is, Facetagr brings you the state-of-the-art customer surveillance systems used to detect criminal elements by military/ defence and government establishments to protect high value assets are now available to common man at affordable cost.

With non-intrusive facial recognition technology, a database of burglars, robbers, shop-lifters, previous offenders, trouble makers and terror suspects can be identified and verified. Retailers can also check against their own customer databases to provide services to guests which was not possible before.

The check against criminal records provides the much-needed security and surveillance to the retailer and providing amazing benefits to the customer.

In many cases like in high end retailers such as jewellers, electronic stores etc. the usage of these technologies will make a safe world for the store owners & law enforcements agencies alike.