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Revolutionizing Attendance with Face Recognition Technology

Why Tracking Attendance is Critical

In today's fast-paced work environment, effective management of employee attendance is crucial for operational efficiency and accountability. FaceTagr's face recognition technology offers a sophisticated solution for tracking attendance, ensuring reliability, automation, and prevention of pilferage. Here's why it's essential:

  1. Payroll Simplification and Automation: With FaceTagr, payroll processing becomes effortless and automated. By centralizing attendance data, integrating with HRMS software becomes seamless, enhancing payroll accuracy and efficiency.

  2. Preventing Pilferage: Our solution is particularly effective in managing contract staff, preventing leakage, saving costs, and positively impacting project completion and operations.

  3. Optimizing Operations and Accountability: FaceTagr facilitates detailed monitoring of attendance by zones or departments, enabling organizations to optimize operations, take timely action, and reduce delays.

  4. Enhancing Safety: Real-time tracking of personnel across different locations with FaceTagr aids in planning for emergencies, including efficient evacuation processes.

A solution to every attendance problem.

1:N on Supervisors' Mobile

For organisations that have distributed workforce

Mounted 1:N Terminal

For office/ factory attendance

1:1 BYOD

For the Mobile Workforce

CCTV Attendance and Anti-Tailgating

For rapid attendance and enhanced security

The Limitations of Traditional Attendance Systems

Traditional attendance systems like RFID and fingerprint biometrics are increasingly vulnerable to impersonation and fraud, posing significant security risks. Furthermore, boxed face recognition devices often fall short in safeguarding privacy, lack redundancy, and place the onus of security on users, thereby limiting scalability. These issues underline the need for a more secure, reliable, and scalable solution for attendance tracking. FaceTagr's advanced face recognition technology addresses these challenges by providing a privacy-centric, scalable, and redundant system, ensuring secure and accurate attendance tracking without the vulnerabilities of conventional methods.

Diverse Attendance Tracking Needs Across Organizations

Organizations face unique challenges in tracking the attendance of five distinct groups, each with specific operational requirements:

Organizations face unique challenges in tracking the attendance of four distinct groups, each with specific operational requirements:

Overview of the FaceTagr Attendance Solution

FaceTagr offers a cutting-edge face recognition attendance system designed for efficiency and security across various organizational needs. This comprehensive solution operates on-premise and on-the-edge, ensuring reliable functionality without internet dependency.

FaceTagr Attendance Solution Highlights:

  • On-Premise, On-the-Edge Recognition: Works independently of the internet, ensuring reliability and security.

  • Real-Time Video Attendance: Captures attendance through live video, enhancing accuracy.

  • GPS Tracking with Geo-Fencing: Monitors location precisely, supporting dynamic workforce management.

  • Liveness Fraud Prevention: Detects and prevents spoofing attempts, securing the system against impersonation.

  • Instant Verification Notifications: Offers immediate confirmation of attendance registration.

  • GPS and Time Fraud Prevention: Guards against falsified location and time entries.

  • Centralized Data Sync: Ensures data integrity and accessibility across locations.

  • Scalability and Redundancy: Adapts to growing organizational needs while providing backup options.

  • Intuitive Management Interface: Simplifies adding, editing, and deleting employee records.

  • Multi-Location Management: Facilitates easy employee reassignment between locations.

  • Document Management: Allows for storing and retrieving essential employee documents.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Delivers insights on attendance, punctuality, and more.

  • HRMS Integration: Seamlessly connects with leading HRMS platforms for streamlined operations.

FaceTagr: Versatile Deployment Options for Every Industry

FaceTagr offers deployment flexibility with NIST benchmarked accuracy and fast-paced recognition, making it an ideal solution for any industry. Its minimal hardware requirement and easy scalability with robust software management are unmatched, leading to widespread adoption by large organizations globally. Whether through a supervisor's mobile, mounted devices, BYOD, or integrated CCTV systems, FaceTagr tailors its deployment to best suit the operational needs of various sectors, ensuring secure, efficient, and reliable attendance tracking.

Attendance tracking on the field with Supervisor's Mobile

For organisations that have distributed workforce

Organizations in diverse sectors face challenges in tracking attendance and work hours for distributed operations, ensuring workforce adherence to shift hours, and managing payroll efficiently. Traditional attendance methods lead to inaccuracies, fraud, and management complexities

Organizations in diverse sectors face challenges in tracking attendance and work hours for distributed operations, ensuring workforce adherence to shift hours, and managing payroll efficiently. Traditional attendance methods lead to inaccuracies, fraud, and management complexities

Key Features:

  • Offline Face Recognition: Guarantees continuous operation in remote locations.

  • Geo-Fencing: Adapts to dynamic work sites, enhancing workforce management.

  • Zero Hardware Costs: Utilizes supervisors' mobile devices, eliminating additional expenses.

  • Streamlined Onboarding: Simplifies adding and managing workforce details.


Industries Benefiting: Construction, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, and Utilities have deployed FaceTagr, leveraging its features for improved operational efficiency, security, and cost savings.


Mounted/ Dedicated 1N Terminal

The FR Terminal for office attendance

Traditional attendance systems like RFID and biometric devices often fall short in terms of speed, security, and reliability, particularly in high-traffic environments.

FaceTagr's Mounted 1N device revolutionizes identity verification with its wall-mounted, wireless face recognition terminal, designed for rapid and secure check-ins.

Features Supporting the Solution:

  • Rapid Recognition: Identifies individuals within a second, reducing queues.

  • Advanced Liveness Detection: Ensures real person verification, preventing spoofing.

  • Wireless Operation: Offers real-time data syncing, ensuring up-to-date records.

  • Local and Cloud Management: Facilitates easy device and user management, ensuring scalability.


Customers & Industries: Airports, water treatment plants, factories, and offices benefit from Mounted 1N, appreciating its blend of speed, security, and ease of management. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Attendance Solution

For the Mobile Workforce

The need for a flexible and secure attendance system that accommodates the diverse and mobile nature of today's workforce, across various devices and locations.

FaceTagr's 11 BYOD feature offers a universal face recognition verification system compatible with both Android and iOS, enabling employees to mark attendance from their own devices.

Features Supporting the Solution:

  • Universal Compatibility: Ensures accessibility across all smart mobile devices.

  • Secure Location Tracking: Enhanced with anti-GPS spoofing for accurate verification.

  • Advanced Anti-Spoofing: Protects against impersonation, securing the verification process.

  • Efficient Data Management: Centralizes verification data for streamlined access and analysis.


Customers & Industries: Adopted by sectors requiring high mobility and flexibility, such as lift maintenance, insurance, and pharmaceuticals


CCTV with NBox

Attendance and Enhancing Security Against Tailgating

Organizations need a sophisticated surveillance system that offers more than just video monitoring, including secure and accurate attendance tracking, people counting, and intrusion alerts.

FaceTagr's NBox transforms CCTV systems into intelligent security and attendance management tools, processing video feeds in real time for unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Automated Attendance Recording: Ensures precise tracking of entry and exit times.

  • People Counting: Monitors occupancy and foot traffic with accuracy.

  • Intrusion Alerts: Immediate notification upon unauthorized entry.

  • Authorized Access Control: Regulates facility access, enhancing security and compliance.


FaceTagr's NBox is perfect for any organization looking to quickly track attendance without slowing down. It makes marking attendance for groups easy, saving valuable time. This quick process means the system quickly pays for itself, offering more benefits in saved time and efficiency.

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