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SvaDESH - The voter verification platform

Voter Identity

One Voter One Vote

The importance of voter authentication and protecting the vote is paramount in maintaining the integrity and fairness of elections. Voter authentication problems, such as bogus and duplicate voting, can severely undermine the democratic process, leading to questions about the legitimacy of election outcomes. Protecting the vote ensures that every individual's right to vote is honored, that votes are accurately counted, and that the true will of the people is reflected in election results. It is crucial for the stability of democratic societies and for the confidence of the electorate in their governing institutions.



The Voter Authenticitication Platform

SvaDESH enhances the election process by providing fast and accurate voter verification to eliminate bogus and duplicate voting. Designed for rural India, it operates without internet connectivity and secures election officers' Android mobiles. The system keeps records of all bogus and duplicate votes, ensuring transparency and integrity in the voting process by notifying relevant authorities of any discrepancies.

SvaDESH: Transforming Voter Verification with Tailored Technology for Rural India

SvaDESH redefines voter verification with NIST benchmarked facial recognition accuracy, tailored for environments lacking internet connectivity. Its flexibility allows for deployment on election officers' Android mobiles, ensuring a secure and efficient process. Designed for scalability and minimal hardware requirements, SvaDESH is perfect for rural India's electoral needs, offering a solution that records and notifies about bogus and duplicate voting, thus maintaining the integrity of the voting process with minimal training and infrastructure.

The Platform

All that is needed to verify voters

FaceTagr SvaDESH system is designed to ensure election integrity through advanced facial recognition technology. This system addresses the critical need for fair elections by mitigating issues such as bogus voting, booth rigging, and capturing, ensuring the identification of voters is accurate and secure. 

Fast and Accurate Voter Verification: SvaDESH enables quick verification to prevent bogus and duplicate voting, crucial for maintaining election integrity.

Rural Deployment: Tailored for areas with no internet connectivity, it's particularly beneficial for rural India, allowing any Android mobile device to serve as a verification tool.

Data Management and Security: The system can process and distribute vast amounts of ID data, offers encrypted storage, and features an inbuilt Mobile Device Management (MDM) with screen lock to secure data.

Ease of Use: Requires minimal training for operators, with video tutorials and product manuals available to ensure smooth operation.

Comprehensive Reporting: Offers real-time reports and Voter Turnout Reports (VTR) for headquarters and districts, providing proof of verified voters and identifying bogus or duplicate votes.

Widespread Deployment: Successfully deployed in over 3,500 booths across all 35 districts of Bihar, managing voter data for 2.5 million individuals, showcasing its scalability and effectiveness in large-scale elections.

Real time notifications

As individuals present their face, the system captures video, processes it on-device without internet, and instantly displays verification details with an option for voice notifications in English and in vernacular language of choice.

Data privacy & Security

Top data security, encrypting information at rest and in transit, and is ISO 27001 certified, reflecting its strong commitment to privacy and security.

Multi-layer rugged data sync engine

Mastered data synchronization, ensuring no data is lost in the transfer from device to cloud, even across thousands of devices. This capability is crucial for maintaining a trusted and reliable system.

Images as small as 40 pixes, age 40 years apart

Capable of handling voter verification with images as small as 40 pixels and identifying individuals with an age difference of up to 40 years. This ensures inclusive voter authentication across diverse demographics, significantly reducing the risk of errors or fraud in areas with poor reference database.

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The Limitations of Traditional Manual Verification

Manual voter verification processes present significant challenges, including being time-consuming, leading to long queues and potential disenfranchisement. Verifying a person against a small photo in an ID, especially under the pressure of peak hours, is exceedingly difficult, increasing the risk of inaccuracies. Such manual systems are also vulnerable to manipulation and fraud. Furthermore, it's nearly impossible to identify individuals who attempt to vote more than once across different booths, exacerbating issues of duplicate voting and threatening the integrity of the electoral process.

The Process

SvaDESH streamlines the electoral process through an integrated system of data collation, processing, and distribution, face verification of voters, and real-time reporting with proof of evidence. Initially, voter data is collected and prepared for booth-specific distribution, ensuring secure access for election officers. Voter identity is then verified through facial recognition against EPIC ID photos, instantly identifying any previous voting attempts across booths. Lastly, the system offers comprehensive real-time reports to district and HQ war rooms, detailing voter verification outcomes, demographic insights, and voter turnout, enhancing transparency and accountability in the voting process.

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