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Introducing Digital Exchange for Visual Identification: A Privacy-First Solution

Empowering Users with Secure, Self-Contained Face Recognition

In an era where privacy concerns dominate the conversation around digital identification, FaceTagr introduces a revolutionary approach to face recognition that respects user autonomy and addresses privacy head-on. Our Digital Exchange for Visual Identification re-imagines the way personal identification is handled, ensuring that users retain full control over their data while enjoying the benefits of advanced face recognition technology.

Our Solution: No Image Storage, Full Control to Users

Our Digital Exchange system is designed around a groundbreaking principle: your face, your data. Users register a selfie via their mobile device, from which the app generates a unique, encrypted identifier. This identifier, stored only on the user’s device, becomes the key to a privacy-centric digital identification process.

How It Works
  • User-Generated Identifier: Upon registration, your selfie is converted into a unique identifier that remains securely on your device. No facial images are stored—ensuring your privacy is intact.

  • One-Time Permission for Connectivity: Initial setup requires network connectivity to establish your unique identifier. After this, your data stays your own, safeguarded within your device.

  • Secure, Momentary Data Exchange: For verification purposes, the unique identifier facilitates a digital handshake. This process verifies your identity without transmitting or storing personal facial data externally. Once verification is complete, the identifier used in the transaction is immediately destroyed.

  • Beyond the Physical: This system transcends traditional authentication methods, eliminating the need for physical IDs, cards, or even phones in hand. It's an authentication method that’s both secure and invisible.

Our Team

How It Ensures User Privacy

Digital Handshake Mechanism

Digital Handshake Mechanism

Unique Identifier for Every Transaction

Unique Identifier for Every Transaction

At the core of our verification process is what we call a "digital handshake." This advanced technique involves a temporary, encrypted communication between your device and the verifying entity. Unlike traditional methods, this process is engineered to ensure that your facial data remains your own, safeguarded on your device.

The magic begins when you register a selfie on your mobile device. Our technology transforms this selfie into a unique, encrypted identifier that exists solely on your device. For every verification, a one-time use, encrypted version of this identifier is generated, ensuring that each transaction is both secure and singular.

No External Data Transmission

No External Data Transmission

Immediate Destruction After Verification

Immediate Destruction After Verification

During the verification process, your identity is confirmed through this encrypted identifier without the need to transmit or store any personal facial data externally. This means that the verification is conducted without exposing your personal information, maintaining a fortress of privacy around your data.

The moment verification is complete, the encrypted identifier used in the transaction is destroyed, leaving no trace behind. This ensures that each verification is a standalone event, free from the risk of data persistence or misuse.

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