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ExamNinja- Exam Candidate Verification platform

Exam Candidate Identity

Ghost writing is a problem

Ensuring the authenticity of candidates in examinations is crucial for maintaining academic integrity. The prevalence of ghost writing and impersonation undermines the reliability of assessment outcomes, casting doubt on the merit of academic achievements. Authenticating exam participants is essential for a fair evaluation of student knowledge and abilities, preserving the credibility of educational institutions and the qualifications they award. This process is vital for ensuring that academic standards are upheld and that all students are evaluated on their true merits, contributing to the overall trust and stability in educational systems.



The Exam Candidate Verification Platform

ExamNinja revolutionizes the examination process by offering fast and accurate candidate verification to prevent ghostwriting and impersonation. Tailored for environments where internet connectivity may be inconsistent, it leverages secure mobile technology accessible to exam administrators. The system meticulously records all attempts of dishonesty, enhancing the transparency and integrity of examinations by alerting relevant authorities to any irregularities. Designed to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, ExamNinja ensures a fair and reliable assessment of student knowledge and skills.

ExamNinja: Elevating Academic Integrity with Advanced Verification Technology

ExamNinja elevates exam integrity with NIST benchmarked facial recognition accuracy, designed for settings with limited or no internet access. Its adaptability for deployment on exam administrators' mobile devices ensures a secure and streamlined verification process. Optimized for scalability with minimal hardware needs, ExamNinja is the ideal solution for academic environments, effectively preventing impersonation and ghostwriting. It upholds academic standards by documenting and alerting on any integrity breaches, facilitating a trustworthy examination process with minimal setup and training requirements.

The Platform

All that is needed to verify candidates

ExamNinja leverages advanced facial recognition technology to uphold exam integrity, addressing critical issues like ghostwriting and impersonation. It offers:

  • Fast and Accurate Candidate Verification: Quickly verifies candidates to prevent fraud, essential for maintaining exam integrity.

  • Adaptable Deployment: Designed for settings without internet, enabling use on any Android device, making it ideal for various educational environments.

  • Data Management and Security: Manages extensive ID data with encrypted storage and built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for data security.

  • User-Friendly: Minimal training needed, supported by tutorials and manuals for smooth operation.

  • In-Depth Reporting: Real-time analytics and detailed reports enhance transparency, identifying any discrepancies in the examination process.

Drawing on its experience from deploying SvaDESH across 3,500 booths in Bihar, managing data for 2.5 million individuals, ExamNinja showcases scalability and effectiveness for large-scale academic settings, ensuring a secure and reliable examination environment.

Real time notifications

As individuals present their face, the system captures video, processes it on-device without internet, and instantly displays verification details with an option for voice notifications in English and in vernacular language of choice.

Data privacy & Security

Top data security, encrypting information at rest and in transit, and is ISO 27001 certified, reflecting its strong commitment to privacy and security.

Multi-layer rugged data sync engine

Changes in facial features - mustache, beard, shaved head

Mastered data synchronization, ensuring no data is lost in the transfer from device to cloud, even across thousands of devices. This capability is crucial for maintaining a trusted and reliable system.

ExamNinja's facial recognition technology is adept at identifying candidates despite changes in facial features such as mustaches, beards, or shaved heads. Its advanced algorithms can accurately verify individuals' identities

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The Limitations of Traditional Manual Verification

Manual exam candidate verification processes present significant challenges, including being time-consuming, leading to long queues and potential tension among the candidates. Verifying a person against a small photo in an ID, especially under the pressure of peak hours, is exceedingly difficult, increasing the risk of inaccuracies. Such manual systems are also vulnerable to manipulation and fraud. Furthermore, it's nearly impossible to identify individuals who attempt to impersonate/ ghost as the manipulation practices are many threatening the integrity of the examination process.

The Process

ExamNinja optimizes the examination process with a comprehensive system for data management, candidate verification, and real-time feedback. It begins with the collection and organization of candidate data for secure access by examiners. Candidate identities are verified through advanced facial recognition, capable of detecting individuals despite changes in appearance, and checking for any prior impersonation attempts. The platform then provides detailed, real-time reports to academic administrators, offering insights into exam integrity, candidate demographics, and incidences of fraud, thus enhancing transparency and accountability.

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