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A Robust Shield Against Impersonation and Fraud

In the digital age, the security of verification systems is paramount. As technology advances, so do the methods employed by impersonators and fraudsters. FaceTagr's Liveness Detection is engineered to be your frontline defense, ensuring that every verification is genuine and secure. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to differentiate between real users and spoofed attempts, effectively protecting against impersonation and fraud.

Why Liveness Detection Matters
Securing Every Checkpoint with Confidence
  • Vital for Verification: Whether it's for attendance, access control, or any verification scenario, the integrity of the process is crucial. Liveness Detection ensures that the individual present is the genuine user, not a photo, video, or any other form of spoof.

  • Comprehensive Fraud Prevention: By accurately distinguishing between real and spoofed attempts, FaceTagr’s Liveness Detection system provides an essential layer of security, preserving the sanctity of your verification processes.

Proven Effectiveness
A Track Record of Thwarting Impersonation

FaceTagr's Liveness Detection technology has successfully thwarted hundreds of impersonation attempts. Our commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to emerging threats ensures that your systems remain secure against even the most sophisticated spoofing techniques.

Embrace Unparalleled Security

In a world where digital impersonation and fraud pose significant threats, FaceTagr’s Liveness Detection stands as a bulwark protecting the integrity of your verification processes. By choosing FaceTagr, you're not just implementing a security feature; you're investing in peace of mind, knowing that your operations are safeguarded by the most advanced technology available.

FaceTagr Liveness Detection

(Fraud Prevention)

Our Team

Advanced Technology for Unmatched Security

Real Time Video Face Recognition

Photo and Video Verification

Works offline

Offline Functionality

FaceTagr’s Liveness Detection is adept at working with both photos and videos, offering versatile application across a wide range of verification needs.

Understanding the need for flexibility, our Liveness Detection works flawlessly offline on any mobile or tablet device. This feature ensures continuous operation, even in environments with limited or no internet connectivity

Instant Notification

Immediate Alert System


API Integration

Every attempt, genuine or otherwise, is meticulously recorded and reported. In the case of an impersonation attempt, an automated alert, including an email notification, is immediately dispatched, allowing for swift action and investigation.

For businesses seeking a seamless integration into their existing systems, FaceTagr provides a robust API. This enables the incorporation of our cutting-edge Liveness Detection into your applications, enhancing security without disrupting user experience.

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