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Why Face Recognition-Based Verification is Important

  1. Security: It provides a high level of security by using unique biological characteristics, making it extremely difficult to fake or steal someone's identity.

  2. Convenience: Unlike traditional methods that require physical tokens or memorization of passwords, face recognition allows for quick and easy verification without the need for any physical interaction.

  3. Accuracy: Modern face recognition systems, especially those benchmarked by reputable institutions like NIST, offer remarkable accuracy, significantly reducing the chances of false positives or negatives.

  4. Scalability: This method can easily be scaled to accommodate large numbers of users, making it ideal for both small and large organizations.

  5. Contactless: In the wake of global health concerns, the contactless nature of face recognition makes it a hygienic and safe verification method.

Why FaceTagr is the Right Choice

  1. FaceTagr stands out in the face recognition technology market for several compelling reasons:

  2. NIST Benchmarking: Having been benchmarked by NIST for its accuracy, FaceTagr is proven to meet high standards in identity verification.

  3. Experience Across Demographics: With experience in verifying millions of individuals across different age groups and demographics, FaceTagr has demonstrated its capability to handle diverse verification needs.

  4. Versatile Integration Options: FaceTagr offers various integration options, such as device-based verification, SDK for mobile applications, and RESTful API for cloud and mobile apps, ensuring flexibility in deployment.

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Device-Based Verification

Device-Based Verification

SDK – Mobile Applications

SDK – Mobile Applications

Ideal for organizations that require standalone devices for identity verification, such as kiosks or dedicated terminals.

This option allows mobile applications to integrate FaceTagr's technology directly, enabling seamless identity verification within the app.



Digital Exchange for Visual Identification

Digital Exchange for Visual Identification

For cloud and mobile apps looking for quick verification, FaceTagr's RESTful API provides an easy-to-integrate solution that communicates with FaceTagr's servers for fast and reliable verification.

A privacy-focused solution where users register via a mobile selfie, creating a unique identifier stored only on their device. Verification occurs through a secure, temporary data exchange, ensuring no external storage of facial data and immediate destruction of the identifier post-verification, enhancing privacy and convenience without the need for physical IDs or devices.

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