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Digital Exchange for Visual Identification (DEVI)

The New Way - DEVI

Identity verification 

The concept of a Digital Exchange for Visual Identification (DEVI) without storing images or face data permanently and relying on temporary data exchange for verification purposes addresses several key concerns, especially  in the current landscape of digital privacy and security.

By not storing images or facial recognition data on a server but instead keeping a unique identifier on the user's device, the system significantly reduces the risk of personal data breaches. Privacy concerns are a major issue with traditional biometric systems, where a database breach can lead to irreversible privacy violations.



Smooth verification.

Ownership and Control of Data: Users maintain control over their biometric data since it is stored locally on their device and not on a central server. This approach empowers users, giving them autonomy over their personal information and how it is used.


Convenience and Efficiency: The system allows for quick and easy verification without the need for physical IDs or remembering passwords. This convenience can streamline various processes, from airport check-ins to secure transactions, making everyday tasks faster and more efficient.


Multi-level Authentication: Combining this approach with other forms of authentication (like PINs, patterns, or biometric signatures) can create a robust multi-factor authentication system. This layered security is much harder to bypass, enhancing the overall security of the system.


Flexibility and Adaptability: The system can easily adapt to different levels of security required by various applications. For sensitive applications, additional layers of authentication can be added, while for less sensitive ones, a simpler verification might suffice.


Scalability Without Compromising Security: As the system relies on local data storage and temporary data exchange, it can scale up to accommodate a large number of users without the exponential increase in risk associated with larger centralized databases.


Public Acceptance and Trust: By addressing privacy concerns and offering a secure, user-friendly solution, such systems can gain wider acceptance among the public, who are increasingly wary of privacy invasions and data misuse.


FaceTagr: Versatile Deployment Options for Every Industry

FaceTagr offers deployment flexibility with NIST benchmarked accuracy and fast-paced recognition, making it an ideal solution for any industry. Its minimal hardware requirement and easy scalability with robust software management are unmatched, leading to widespread adoption by large organizations globally. Whether through a supervisor's mobile, mounted devices, BYOD, or integrated CCTV systems, FaceTagr tailors its deployment to best suit the operational needs of various sectors, ensuring secure, efficient, and reliable attendance tracking.

The Platform

All that is needed for managing attendance and monitoring

The FaceTyck platform, with its advanced face recognition software and comprehensive portal and mobile app, offers a holistic solution for attendance verification, access control, and workforce management. Here's a breakdown of the features and functionalities that make FaceTyck a standout solution in its field.

Face Recognition Software

On-Device Face Registration: Facilitates the convenient registration of faces directly on the device, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

GPS Tracking with Geo-Fencing: Employs precise location monitoring to support dynamic workforce management, ensuring employees are where they need to be for work.

Liveness Fraud Prevention: Utilizes advanced algorithms to detect and prevent spoofing attempts, securing the system against impersonation and unauthorized access.

Instant Verification Notifications: Provides immediate confirmation of attendance registration, ensuring transparency and accuracy in attendance tracking.

GPS and Time Fraud Prevention: Protects against falsified location and time entries, maintaining the integrity of workforce management processes.

Centralized Data Sync: Guarantees data integrity and accessibility across multiple locations, facilitating unified management of attendance and access control.

Scalability and Redundancy: Offers adaptable solutions to meet growing organizational needs while ensuring backup options are in place for uninterrupted operations.

Portal and Mobile App

Secure Online Portal: A protected platform for administrators to manage the system, ensuring data security and privacy.

Hierarchical Role-Based Access Structure: Allows for the creation of roles with specific access rights, streamlining management and enhancing security.

Intuitive Management Interface: Simplifies the process of adding, editing, and deleting employee records, making management tasks more efficient.

Bulk Upload of Data and Register: Enables the efficient upload and registration of employee data in bulk, saving time and reducing manual entry errors.

Multi-Location Management: Allows for easy reassignment of employees between different locations, accommodating the dynamic nature of modern workforce.

Document Management: Provides a secure repository for storing and retrieving essential employee documents, supporting HR processes.

Comprehensive Reporting: Delivers valuable insights on attendance, punctuality, and other critical metrics, aiding in decision-making and policy formulation.

Mobile Alerts and Email Notifications: Keeps administrators informed with mobile alerts and email notifications for specific triggers, such as spoofing attempts or daily attendance reports.

Real time notifications

As individuals present their face, the system captures video, processes it on-device without internet, and instantly displays their name with an option for sound notifications.

Data privacy & Security

FaceTyck ensures top data security, encrypting information at rest and in transit, and is ISO 27001 certified, reflecting its strong commitment to privacy and security.

Multi-layer rugged data sync engine

Mastered data synchronization, ensuring no data is lost in the transfer from device to cloud, even across thousands of devices. This capability is crucial for maintaining a trusted and reliable system.

RESTful API to integrate with 3rd party software

Offers a RESTful API, enabling seamless integration with third-party software, enhancing flexibility and interoperability in diverse IT ecosystems.

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The Limitations of Traditional Attendance Systems

Traditional attendance systems like RFID and fingerprint biometrics are increasingly vulnerable to impersonation and fraud, posing significant security risks. Furthermore, boxed face recognition devices often fall short in safeguarding privacy, lack redundancy, and place the onus of security on users, thereby limiting scalability. These issues underline the need for a more secure, reliable, and scalable solution for attendance tracking. FaceTagr's advanced face recognition technology addresses these challenges by providing a privacy-centric, scalable, and redundant system, ensuring secure and accurate attendance tracking without the vulnerabilities of conventional methods.

Versatile Deployments

Combining FaceTyck's deployment methods offers versatile benefits. Field and white-collar workers can utilize BYOD for flexibility and convenience, while blue-collar staff can be verified through mounted devices or a supervisor's phone, ensuring accountability. The same system extends to access control, using these devices to secure entry points. This integrated approach enhances security, optimizes resource use, and ensures a seamless user experience across all employee categories, making it a comprehensive solution for modern organizational needs.

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