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Helping Bihar curb bogus voting

Absolutely humbled and incredibly proud to share the breakthrough success story of our technology in the recent Bihar elections. Our team at #FaceTagr was able to make a tangible difference by ensuring that every single vote counted, and counted right.

Technology is powerful, but when it touches lives, empowers individuals, and strengthens the pillars of democracy, it resonates on an entirely different scale. Bihar, with its massive scale of electorate, was a challenge we were excited to tackle head-on.

Our innovative face recognition technology successfully curbed bogus voting. By accurately identifying voters, we eliminated impersonation and duplication, thereby preserving the sanctity of every vote. This accomplishment is a testament to the transformative power of AI and its potential to augment human efforts.

This journey has been an emotional one, filled with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility. It’s an immense joy to see our vision come alive and make an impact at such a grand scale. Technology supremacy, we believe, lies in its ability to uphold human values and democratic integrity.

Together, let's continue to transform the world one face at a time! 



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